NaPoWriMo #23 – The Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition in 1916

I wish I felt grief more keenly,
like The Endurance trapped in ice
on a journey to the centre of nothing,
a whiteness, Shackleton, that unchecked,
will consume you. This crew knows hunger
as sudden and unexpected loss, oatmeal biscuit
crumbs dissolved under tongue in spite of all
this good fortune, or child loss, or waves,
by God, fourteen feet high as I remember them.

I read those obituaries as an exercise,
looked for the sharp recognition of love,
income tax, home ownership, instead admired
all those lovely words, all those lovely
moments, all those incredible feats
of humanity, sailing their James Caird’s
outward, in search of rescue.


NaPoWriMo #22 – As Good As Love Gets

I will love you enough to
open a joint savings account,
apply for a mortgage, negotiate
our credit score, haggle with interior
decorators, go on holiday with your parents,

I will travel a reasonable distance
at night to visit you, learn
new recipes, buy a dog, share custody
of our Netflix account, be woken up
by your snoring, go to IKEA

I will iron your shirts, debate catchment
areas and property resale value, consider
career prospects, surprise you with
small gifts at opportune moments, apologise
when I am wrong, buy a new bed

You make me feel good, and I hope
to make you feel good, and I hope
we last a while, and I hope
that is the point, and I hope
this is as good as it gets.

NaPoWriMo #21 – Career Prospects

Do what you love
and if you can not;

do what can pay you
enough to do what you love
and if you can not;

do what gives you
enough time do what you
love without being too much
of a financial burden on yourself
and if you can not;

do what you do not love
but pays you so much
that you only need do it
for a short amount of time
and if you can not;

do what you hate
and offset it with what you love
and maintain that delicate balance
without letting yourself
become bitter or jealous
and if you can not;

do not resent what you did
not or could not be, that you
and love did not meet eye to
eye, cheat the system, do not
cheat yourself, be fair to others,
give yourself enough time to
have time, give yourself enough
love to grow love, keep going,
and if you can not;

do what you can.

NaPoWriMo #20 – Opinions of Difference (after Wendy Cope)

Opinions of Difference (after Wendy Cope)
She tells him that the earth is round –
Her argumentation is sound.
Discussing all the facts at hand
(that NASA is a globehead sham)
is not enough to change her mind.
He keeps composure in his face
and wishes her ‘good day’ in kind.
The earth is round, this he will grace:

A round flat disk floating in space.


this poem is a re-imagining of the following poem by Wendy Cope:


NaPoWriMo #19 – Regimen for Clear Skin

Regimen for Clear Skin

It’s easy:

Apply freshly squeezed lemon
to face and neck for 10 minutes, mix with
raw honey and slash or sugar. Use Greek Yoghurt
and lukewarm Rose Water, mix flour
and lime juice into a paste, oatmeal and turmeric,
afterwards rinsing with cold water, apply
for 20 to 25 minutes, use an exfoliator
and moisturizer, puree fresh tomatoes with
a drop of vinegar or baking soda, massage into pores,

don’t touch your face, pat dry with a soft towel,
try retinoids, try salicylic acid, try benzoyl peroxide,
try unpasteurized goats milk, my dermatologist
swears by Himalayan salt scrubs and a rotating brush
with adjustable bristle strength, coconut oil
wiped away with cotton wool, try not being stressed,

have sex, no seriously, but wash your face before and after,
drink water and a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar,
get plenty of sleep, wash your hair, have a balanced diet consisting
of watercress and fish, avoid oils, exercise daily,
avoid sweating, get plenty and not too much sunlight,
don’t wear makeup when you were 15, don’t get
pregnant or go through puberty, see your GP
and counsellor and sales advisor from Lush,

be at peace with the world, earn a good salary,
have healthy genetics, be consistent, understand
your skin’s pH balance, go on a detox by drinking
a glass of warm lemon water each morning, listen
to relaxing music, read books, visit a spa,
go on holiday, use a fragrance free detergent,
reduce your iodine intake, avoid smoking pollution
and alcohol, drink wine, clean your pillow case phone
hat hair clothes bangs hands but not too much,

and if none of this works,
be born with clear skin.

NaPoWriMo #17 – The Choice

The Choice
taken from a statement by Theresa May on the 18th April 2017, announcing a UK General Election

May Speech.png





The Choice

the choice facing the British people:

Britain is leaving the European Union / the government has
control, laws, borders.

oppose it.

threaten to vote.

grind government to a standstill.

fight every step of the way.

because government is small.

They underestimate our determination.

we have this moment

seek support

challenge the parties, criticise Brexit,
block Parliament.

show you are opposing

put forward
the people

Every vote will make it harder

Every vote means
a future.