Lent #19 – Ten Reflections

Written as a part of a Lent 2017 project. 

Freddie Alexander

  1. We worry too much about being holy. Perhaps this is a fear of being damned. As if there is a small island of redemption and holiness, surrounded by a great ocean of damnation. What if these roles were reversed? What if holiness was not a state we kept struggling towards, but a state of contemplation to rest within?
  2. We start Lent with every good intention. “It is just forty days.” Being able to live with not living up to our expectations is a more interesting test of character.
  3. I recently listened to a discussion between Krista Tippet and Richard Rhor, in which Richard described people seeing him in contemplation and describing his face as sad. Richard was surprised at this, because he was the happiest he had ever been. Joy is deep. It can be cultivated out of the sunlight.
  4. These practices come and go, turning on cycles in the year. Lent is less something to take part in, and more something that occurs, inevitably, coming and going, like the tide. Living in peace with this tide seems to be a good life.
  5. How shall we be joyful? How shall we keep our lightness?
  6. Advent seems sadder than Lent. As the Resurrection caps Lent, the Slaughter of the Innocents caps Advent.
  7. I will find it more difficult to retreat in my everyday life. It is a careful eye that needs to maintain this practice. Being able to remove myself to sit upon the mountain and watch storms on the water is a valuable healing.
  8. We should not be so proud as to be wrong.
  9. We should not be so proud as to be right.
  10. Lent is a time to strip back to our core. How do we love, in our core? How do we live? How do we worship? How do we speak of these many difficult things to speak about? Stand taller. Be more.

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