NaPoWriMo #9 – Variations on a Theme

For today’s NaPoWriMo, I will be conducting several ‘found poem’ experiments on a comment recently submitted to Dave Coates’ poetry blog, complaining about Dave’s current refusal to review poetry from white cishet men. The comment is as follows:

“By refusing to publish or respond to my previous posts you have have shown yourself to be a hopeless snowflake. I have read your tweets and find myself agreeing with much of what you say in relation to equality and the elitist conditions that prevail among the poetry consensii. I only think that by not considering the work of cishet white men, a whole category which, remember, includes the homeless, the mentally ill and the precariat class, you are not helping the situation, rather your policy consututes a further manifestation of oppression.

I realise you are unlikely respond even to this, but I can assure I am not being disingenuous, and I am absolutely writing in good faith. In that spirit, here is my third poem in the series. The last lines are directed at you, as one willfully ignorant of me.”

Variation One
constructed with a ‘black out’ style


Variation Two
constructed with the top ten scoring Scrabble words

Equality snowflake,
manifestation wilfully unlikely.
Absolutely disingenuous oppression.

Category: publish myself.


Variation Three
constructed with all pronouns used

i/you i/you i/you i/you i/you i/you
m-your m-your


Variation Four
constructed as a word cloud 


You can support Dave Coate’s wonderful reviewing through his Patreon.


Scrabble scores for ‘Variation Two’
equality (20 words)
snowflake (19 points)
manifestiation (18 points)
wilfully (17 points)
unlikely (15 points)
absolutely (15 points)
disingenuous (14 points)
oppression (14 points)
myself (14 points)
category (14 points)
publish (14 points)




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