Lent 2017 – An Introduction

As a part of Lent 2017 I will be hosting a series of short blog reflections by guest writers. We will be sharing our thoughts on the subject of Lent, and how we are currently meditating on it.

This blog series is intended to be exploratory and gentle, not prescribing what Lent means to us, but rather how we are experiencing it. Our goal is to write multiple short entries, exploring our path through Lent collectively and individually.

The writers to be featured in this series will be:

Luke Dowding

Luke has a degree in Theology from Spurgeon’s College and is currently studying for his Masters in Biblical Studies at King’s College, part time. The rest of the time he works as a freelancer in business management and administration, attempts to journey with the Baptist Union of Great Britain on LGBT+ inclusion, is a Deacon at Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church, and works on projects such as Soho Gathering (@sohogathering). He is married to Steven and their wedding was the first same-sex marriage to be celebrated at Bloomsbury.

thumbnail_Headshot. LD.jpg

Joey Knock

How do you pray when it’s no longer your day job? After three and a half years working at Tearfund and Christian Aid, Joey is starting a new job at LGBT Organisation Stonewall. Joey blogs and tweets (@joeyknock) about faith, LGBTQ culture, masculinity, Disney, and Lorraine Kelly. Seaside walks in Southend make him happy. 


Debbie White

Debbie is a PhD student at the University of Glasgow researching feminist and queer approaches to Anglo-Saxon nuns. She is a member and former trustee of SCM and is interested in theology, cats and cinema (among other things). Debbie tweets about her research and life as a PhD student at @medievaldebbie.




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